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 How to: Get into private Torrent-Tracker

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MesajSubiect: How to: Get into private Torrent-Tracker   Joi Iul 02, 2009 5:51 am

For those who know about the big, great and private trackers also knows, that it can be a pain in the ass to get registered. I am pleased to announce, that the waiting time and all the hard work now can be reduced to almost nothing. Tracker Checker automatically checks chosen sites for open signups.

Basically the program is pretty easy to use and have a very light installation file - around 150kb. The installation is almost not noticeable, and in matter of seconds you will be ready to use it.

The interface is pretty regular without much graphics and fancy stuff. Plain and simple - just the way I like it. Tracker Checker comes with 68 somewhat-popular pre-configured trackers that you can “enable” or “disable” as you want to.

You can add your own favorite tracker if its not on the list. This is done pretty easy as well. Just press the “Add” botton and type in the name, signup URL and what the program should look for as a “Negative” or “Positive” response.

Confused? It works like this; When you try to sign up on a certain tracker and the registration is closed, you will get some text saying that “Signups are closed for the time being”. Copy paste that shit, and put it into the box as a “Negative” response. When it checks for open signups, and it doesn’t get that message, its most likely that they have opened up for new registrations. Hurray!

If you use the pre-configured trackers or have added a lot of your own, the program might be a little slow when parsing/checking the information.

Note: Tracker Checker 2 requires you to have .NET Framework 2 installed.
You can find a direct URL for that in the bottom of the post.
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How to: Get into private Torrent-Tracker
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